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Our goal in education

     Recent rapid progress and popularization of computers and networks have brought us a great deal of benefit, and also have been making a drastical change in our way of life and the social structure. Realization of secure as well as rich highly information-oriented society requires further progress of the technologies for transferring, storing, and processing a great deal of information effectively, accurately, and securely (information engineering), and those for expressing, exchanging, and processing information that appeal to our five senses (media engineering), and also development of talents with sound mind who will be charged with them.

     It is our policy of the department of information science to make our students master fundamental knowledge on the information engineering, the media engineering, and also on the merged areas between them, through education and research ranging from of fundamental-level to of application-level from a standpoint of hardware and software, and also to develop talented persons who willingly make a challenge toward new technologies.